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Yab Yum (peak records - swizerland):

Being booked on some the biggest festivals last summer (Boom and Soulclipse!) Yab Yum are for shure one of the most promising acts of the dark psychedelic genre.
And they just released their first full-length-album.
We are very happy to welcome them here in vienna....
Illicit (apocalyptic - austria):

He has been producing for 5 years now in his studio, never releasing anything of his stuff... But now the time has come.
He for shure is one of the best producers austria has to offer. We would reccomend everybody to listen carefully to this guy... as he will for shure be one of the leading artists austria has to offer in the psychedelic genre.
The DJs:
Gaspard (peak records - switzerland):

As head of the best known swiss psy-label "Peak Records" he is an international experienced dj for nighttime sound.
The apocalyptic crew is eagerly awaiting his set, as this one will get really special...
Sahaswarta (klangzirkus - austria):

DJ Sahaswarta - known for years as dj nationally and also internationally in the psy scene is known for its energetic sets with sounds mainly coming from south afrika.
Additionally he is one of austrias most talented producers known as Illicit and will play a lot of his own stuff in his sets.

Especially Illicit is a name you shouldnt forget - as he will for shure become one of austiras figureheads internationally in the psychedelic community.
Tom Tao (kundalini xp. - austria):

At the time he came in contact with electronic music - everything played faster than 135 bpm was called tekkno... But seeking more kompex accustic experiences he of course ended up with psytrance.
Being our most experienced dj he started djing and organizing parties since 1997.
His actual party-series is called "full on saga", which is a regular event here in vienna.
His preferred style can be described as hard full-on sound.
The DJs on our former parties:
Dark Whisper (apocalyptic - italy):

Booked internationally, this upcoming dj-star is concentrating on the dark side of psytrance.
With his pumping dark sets he is able to move the crowd!
Being only 18 years old he organizes some of the biggest parties in bavaria where he lived for quite some time and seems to be one of the biggest talenst italy has to offer....
Watch out for this one!
Chuha (apocalyptic - germany):

Dj chuha`s first contact with the Goa-scene was in 1998 in the legendary club called Natraj Temple, based in Munich, Germany.

In 1999 he tasted the flavour of spinning records.

After a long time of dancing and freaking trough the scene, he`s got chances to rock the german dancefloor since 2004 with his experiences an big love to this kind of music.
Watch out for this crazy guy, who loves the emotional side of full on psytrance!

Nono (movement - austria):

Nono aka. Noah Noir was born in Tyrol and is living here in Vienna since the beginning of 2005.
As night-time-dj his preferred style can be described as dark psychedelic fullon.
But not only DJ, also as Producer he is very active. Listen carefully and you may hear some of his own tracks in his sets!
Shodan (inpsyde media - austria/ibk):

Our special guest from tyrol
Dj Shodan began to spin tunes in 1999. In 2000 he played for the first time for the Austrian party organisation Mystery World and became their resident, a monthly residency he is still keeping with honour during these days.
His international experience began in 2001 after successful gigs in Germany and Switzerland. Since then he also played several times in Italy and in the Czech Republic.
DJ Shodan is also proud to be a member of Wirikuta Distribution since 2002. In 2004 he starts to set up together with his friend DJ Natan their own studio and relative act M.W.S. was born with a debut release on Inpsyde Media Italy. Other tracks followed on Golden Dawn rec., like on Mistress of Evil rec., more releases and an album are planned for the coming months.

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