The Lounge Floor

This time:



ACE VENTURA (iboga records - israel)


ARARA (member of ANDROMEDA! - greece)

FLUO ELF (groove criminal records - spain)

ASTRALEX (24/7 records - uk/austria)

DON ZIGGY (stardust creations - austria)

 The DJs on our former parties:

GABY (astralzone - slovenia)

BOOFCONTROL (groove criminals - israel)

COSMO (phonoton)

GOBAYASHI (astralzone)

SAMURAI (phonoton)


psy floor
lounge floor

Laura Ethel Castro
(venenos para las hadas - mexico):

Our Special Guest from South America!
As the front-woman of the dark-ambient band Venenos para las Hadas her specialty is of course the dark side of slow melodies and rythms....
We are very proud to be able to present her for the first time here in Austria!
DJ D.A.V.E. (violation of sound - austria):

Stands for Deathly Admirable Vicious Exquisit.
Since more than 10 years he haunts viennas underground-club-scene, being one of viennas most versatile djs. Concentrating on electro and industrial rooted in the 80s he also is playing indie and alternative (of all ages), metal and many different kinds of "techno" (trance, goa, drumnbass, groove, trip hop, etc.)

Additionally he also is member of two viennese bands: violation of sound and seelenriss....

Ashley Dayour (whispers in the shadow - austria):

Ashley is the mastermind of the band Whispers in the Shadow who have become one of the most popular live-bands of the dark-wave-scene in the last few years
Additionally he also plays the guitars for the well known L'ame Immortelle.
aHis love lies in the slow psychedelic side of electronic music. And for that he will present us a "trip" ranging from the 70s till now - from Klaus Schulze to Boards of Canada, from Downbeat to Big Beat.
N.D (natre destroyed - austria):

Being a Founder and former member of the famous L'ame Immortelle, he sarted a new electro project after he left the band which is called Nature Destroyed.
At the moment he is producing his second album which will be available at the end of this year.
Der lustige Astronaut (interzone-pa - austria):

Being normally responsible for the visuals, this cute little guy is trying to dj this time....
Let's see if he will be able to manage that...

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